S480 Big CAT Performance Turbocharger by BorgWarner 1.65 A/R Wastegated Turbine Housing Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (FMW) 360ยบ Thrust Bearing Fits most C15, C16 & 3406E applications Operational range of 850 – 950hp

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Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (FMW) vs cast aluminum and 360° thrust bearing. Both result in better durability against cycle fatigue and thrust issues encountered on some high performance applications.

All turbochargers are manufactured in line with stringent, globally acknowledged quality standards and meet the highest expectations. Our turbochargers not only prove their above-average performance, reliability and long service life in the tough tests performed by the automotive industry, but also every day on streets across the globe. You can find these resilient qualities both in their OEM products and in all original spare parts and remanufactured turbochargers.


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