Increase Fuel Mileage .2-.3 mpg 28 – 32 Horsepower increase Ceramic coating reduces heat & improves air velocity Lower manifold temps 300*F Lower EGT’s 80-100*F Reduce turbo lag No cracking, leaking or warping Improves gasket life 2-year Warra

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(Replaces stock manifold 231-3462) Please call for more information on additional applications.

Hot Rod Diesel manifolds have been designed to improve on all aspects over the manufacturers. All of our manifolds are cast out of a proprietary high quality blended steels, one of the hardest and most heat tolerant metals available today. Thicker exhaust flanges and center dividers provide greater strength and durability for even the hardest working trucks. The joints have been designed with tighter tolerances, 50% more surface contact, and are press fit to ensure that they never leak.

Our manifolds are made in a way that eliminates the sharp turns and twists to create smooth airflow to the turbo. They interior is smoothed out by hand and applied is a high temperature resistant CeramiChrome coating. Which functions as a heat barrier that keeps the exhaust gas energy moving to your turbo to improve turbo response. The coating is also eye appealing.

This manifold provides 28-32 more horsepower, .2-.3 more Miles per gallon and the peace of mind that you have the most proven, highest flowing, and most reliable manifold on the market.

The best part is all of this is done here in the USA. Each manifold is proudly cast saying “Made in the USA”.


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